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Craig Monte

    • Former Morehead State University cheerleader (captain)
    • Two-time National Collegiate Champion with Morehead State University
    • First Coach of the Morehead State University All Girl team
    • UCA College Staff/Head Instructor/Territory Manager for 8 years
    • Choreographed and coached over 235 State and National Champion teams
    • 20 years of cheerleading experience
    • Founder of Kentucky Elite All Stars, Former owner of the Kentucky Elite Training Center
    • Founding member of the N.A.C.C.C
    • Has produced music and provided choreography for teams from 47 of the 50 states
    • Director for V!ROC
    • Currently living in Lexington, Kentucky
    • Style: Both Clean Collegiate and Flashy
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Hank Light

    • Graduate of the University of Kentucky
    • Current owner and Head Coach of the River Cities All Star Cheerleading and Gymnastics
    • Over 22 years of cheerleading experience
    • Coached the River Cities All Stars to over 100 National Titles
    • Choreographed numerous high school and college teams to State and National Titles including: UCA All Star National Champions – Laredo All American All Stars, Georgia State High School Champions - Coosa High School, UCA High School National Champions - Miamisburg High School, United High School, Father Judge High School, Burlington Township High School, High School World Champions - United High School, UCA College National Champions - Indiana University  
    • Featured in American Cheerleader Magazine’s 2007 and 2008 All Star Insider as one of the All Star industry’s most influential people
    • Choreographer for 14-Time National Champion Greenup County High School Cheerleaders
    • Produced music and provided choreography for teams in over 25 states
    • Dance Choreographer for the 2013 1st Place Team USA
    • Currently living in Lexington, Kentucky
    • Style: both Clean Collegiate and Flashy
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Josh McCurdy

    • Currently UCA's Director of Curriculum  
    • UCA College staff, core staff, and head instructor for 14 years
    • Former cheerleader/captain for the 22-Time National Champion Morehead State University squad
    • Former assistant cheerleading coach at Morehead State University Coed and All Girl squads, Greenup County High School, and Pikeville Junior High School
    • Four-time National Champion with Morehead State University
    • Two-time Collegiate All American by Inside Cheerleading Magazine 
    • Two-time West Coast Instructor of the year
    • Style: Clean Collegiate
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Matthew Goto

    • Former University of Louisville Cheerleader, North cArolina State Cheerleader, and GymTyme All Star cheerleader
    • 2007 Cheerleading Worlds, World champion, GymTyme International
    • NCA Collegiate All American, College Staff, Head Instructor and Southeast Staff for four years
    • Choreographed and coached, elementary, pop-warner, middle schools, high schools, all stars, and college teams
    • Coached and Choreographed for nationally ranked collegiate cheer and dance teams as well as hundreds of All-Star National Championships from level 1-6 
    • Produced music and provided choreography for teams across the United States, Germany and New Zealand
    • Judged the European Open for both Cheerleading and Dance in 2009 in Paris, France
    • Currently working with New Zealand, Costa Rican, and German International teams in the ICU division at the Cheerleading Worlds
    • Director for V!ROC Speed and Director of All-Star Sales for United Spirit Association
    • Currently living in Huntington Beach, California 
    • Style: Clean Collegiate, Flashy and fun
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Leighton Clarke

    • Former University of South Florida cheerleader and coach of the all girl team
    • UCA College staff and head instructor for 15 years
    • 17 years of cheerleading experience in High School, College, and All Stars
    • Choreographed and coached over 15 State and National Champion teams
    • Produced music and provided choreographer for teams in 15 states
    • Full time Choreographer for V!ROC
    • Assistant Coach for the 2013 1st Place Team USA
    • Currently living in Riverview, Florida
    • Style: Clean Collegiate and Flashy
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Tony Nash

    • Current Coach for 2012 UCA All-Girl Collegiate National Champions - Indiana University
    • Current Head Coach for Team USA All-Girl
    • Former Spirit Coordinator and Head Coach at Morehead State University (All-Girl and Coed) (UCA) 
    • Former Cheer Coach at Wichita State University (NCA then)
    • Former Cheer Coach at Barton County Community College (NCA)
    • Coached/Choreographed 10 UCA College National Championships at Morehead State University
    • Coached/Choreographed 2009 & 2011 ICU World Championship routine for Team USA All-Girl (Gold Medal) 
    • UCA College Staff Instructor, Head Instructor, College Choreographer & UCA Core Staff Training Head Instructor
    • Member of UCA Rules Committee
    • 14 years of cheerleading experience
    • Choreographed over 58 Regional, State, and National Champion teams for High School, All Star, and College level teams
    • Choreographed in over 25 different states and 5 countries internationally
    • 2 time National Collegiate Coach of the Year
    • Certified with American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA)
    • Head Judge at the National level
    • USASF World's Judge
    • Currently living in Bloomington, Indiana
    • Style: Both clean collegiate and flashy
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Blake Johnson

    • Currently cheering for the 18-Time National Champion University of Kentucky (Blue Squad) 
    • Former cheerleader for ACE Warriors and Prattville High School 
    • Over 10 years experience with All Star and High School cheerleading 
    • Numerous National Championship titles as a competitor: including UCA All-Star, UCA College, NCA, Jamfest, Cheersport, WCA, and Athletic Championships 
    • Over 5 years of coaching experience on the All Star and High School level 
    • Currently coaching at Premier Athletics Kentucky All Stars (Lexington) 
    • Choreographed routines in over 10 states over the past 5 years
    • Choreographed all All Star levels, High School, Rec., and World's teams
    • AACCA certified coach and cheerleader 
    • Choreographer for V!ROC 
    • Currently living in Lexington, Kentucky 
    • Style: well-rounded, flashy, fun, clean 

Dillon Griffin

    • Former member of Twist and Shout All Stars in Edmond, Oklahoma
    • Over 13 years of cheerleading experience with Junior High, High School, College, and All Stars
    • Over 8 years experience as coach and choreographer with High Schools and All Star teams
    • Won various National titles including NCA Champion International Coed
    • Choreographer for several OSSAA (Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association) State Competition teams
    • UCA Staff for 7 years and UCA Head Instructor for 5 years
    • AACCA Certified Coach and Cheerleader
    • Style: Clean and Flashy

Trey Griffin

    • Former cheerleader at Delta State University (captain) 
    • 3 time national champion with Delta State cheerleading
    • 20 years of cheerleading experience
    • Choreographed and coached Jr high and high school teams to over 40 state and national titles
    • Former coach and choreographer for 2 national championships with University of Louisiana, Monroe
    • Choreographed routines for the co-ed and all-girl national teams in Finland
    • International cheer camp instructor
    • International judge & International judges course instructor
    • Current owner of Pride Athletics cheerleading and tumbling
    • Current cheer coach at Ole Miss
    • Currently living in Coldwater, MS
    • Style:  Clean and Collegiate


Adam Stafford

    • Former cheerleader for Eastern Kentucky University, Greenup County High School, and Kentucky Elite Open team
    • Current gym Manager and All Star coach for River Cities All Stars
    • USASF Levels 1 through 5 certified
    • Worked with National Championship teams such as Greenup County High School, Pikeville High School, and Carlisle High School
    • Choreographed for teams in over 10 states
    • Produced music for the past three years for other choreographers as well as personally choreography
    • Choreographer for V!ROC
    • Currently living in Hurricane, West Virginia
    • Style: Flashy, High school, and All Stars

Ted Good

    • Currently attending Moorpark College
    • Over 8 years of experience with All Star cheerleading
    • Former cheerleader on West Coast Mavericks and Cheerforce Allstars
    • Been apart of over 15 National Championship titles as a competitor: including UCA All Star National Champion
    • Coaching experience for 5 Years All Stars and 2 years High School
    • Won various National titles including 2 UCA National Championships
    • UCA Staff
    • Co-Choreographer for 2008-2009 Cheerforce Outlawz, 2008 American Grand National and Grand Champions.
    • Choreographer for V!ROC
    • Currently living in Moorpark, California.
    • Style: Collegiate/High School and All Star/Flashy

Kinsey Basko

    • Coach of Slippery Rock University All-Girl
    • Northeast Director for Varsity Family Plan
    • UCA College Staff - Core Staff training instructor - 9 years
    • Choreographed for High School, All Star, and College teams in 10 states
    • Produced music for teams in 14 states
    • Choreographer for VROC!
    • Currently living in Pittsburgh PA
    • Style: Fun, Flashy, and Clean

Desmond Henderson

    • Current coach and member at Cheerforce
      Former member of the Cheer Empire and Titan Elite
    • Former Head coach of Spirit Athletics, Serrano High School
    • All Star Cheerleader for Nine years
    • Two Time USA National Champion
    • UCA National Champion
    • Coached High School and All Star Cheerleading for Six years
    • Choreographed many All Star and High School programs around California (Thousand Oaks High School, Serrano High School, Nor Cal AllStars)
    • Choreographer for V!ROC
    • Currently living in Moorpark, California
    • Style: Flashy and clean routines

Kelly Ward

    • Graduate from Eastern Michigan University (Bachelor of Fine Arts) 
    • Former Cheerleader and Dancer at Eastern Michigan University
    • 16 years of cheerleading experience including High School, College, and All-Stars 
    • 23 years of dance experience including studio, High School, College, and All-Stars 
    • 12 years of Choreography experience including T.V. shows ex. (Ariel and Zoey), all styles of dance, cheer, and theatre 
    • Coach, Dance Director, and Lead Choreographer at Michigan Xtreme Cheer and Dance for 7 years 
    • 6 years of Level 6 All-Star experience on Eurostars All-Stars and Michigan Xtreme (2 World's bids)  
    • Level 5 Coach for Michigan Xtreme Senior Coed Level 5 
    • Choreographer for Premier Choreography (PROC) 
    • Choreographer for Michigan State University All-Girl Competitive Cheer (2010 NCA finalist) 
    • Choreographer for Concordia University Dance Team 
    • Several Choreography awards including: innovative choreography, most entertaining, remarkable routine, and best choreography 
    • U.S.A.S.F certified Levels 1-5  & AACCA Certified
    • Currently living in Ypsilanti, MI
    • Style: Flashy, Clean Collegiate, High School, Dance - Specialty Hip Hop 

Santwon McCray

    • Currently cheering for the University of Louisville 
    • Currently cheering at GymTyme All Stars 
    • Former member of TopGun large co-ed and Fame All Stars 
    • Numerous National Championship titles as a competitor: including NCA All Star Grand National Champion, NCA Collegiate National Champion, Collegiate All American, Individual International Champion, and World Champion  
    • Choreographed for nationally ranked Collegiate and All Star teams as well as National Champion Canadian teams 
    • Judged the BCA National Championship in Telford, England and for the past 3 years have judged the Cheer Nationals in Malaysia 
    • Co-Head Instructor for the skills camps in Malaysia 
    • Named one of the most influential cheerleaders by American Cheerleader Magazine 
    • AACCA certified
    • Choreographer for V!ROC 
    • Currently living in Louisville, Kentucky 
    • Style: flashy, fun, clean and collegiate

Clay Clark

  • Former Cheerleader of Morehead State University
  • 4 Time National Champion with Morehead State University 
  • Over 10 years cheerleading experience with High School, All Star, and College Cheerleading 
  • UCA Instructor and Choreographer for the past 8 years, Head Instructor for 4 years
  • Judged at the UCA National Cheerleading Championships
  • Choreographer for V!ROC 
  • AACCA certified
  • Currently living in Northern Virginia 
  • Style: Fun, Clean, Collegiate, and Flashy

Katelin Townsend

    • Former University of Louisville All Girl and Small Coed Cheerleader
    • Former Gymtyme All-Stars Cheerleader
    • Former Team USA All Girl Cheerleader 
    • Four-Time NCA College National Champion (2 Small Coed, 2 All Girl)
    • One Time Team USA All Girl World Champion 2009
    • Three-Time USASF World Champion with Gymtyme Pink 2010-2012
    • Numerous National Championship titles as a competitor: including NCA All Star, Cheersport, Jamfest, Athletic Championships, Spirit Sports, and more.
    • Over 12 years of experience with the Middle, High, All Star, and College levels of cheerleading
    • Choreographed multiple High School routines
    • Former Cheerleaders of America (COA) Instructor
    • UCA Instructor 2011-Present
    • USASF Levels 1-6 Credentialed
    • AACCA certified
    • Currently living in Louisville, KY
    • Style: Clean, Seamless, Fun, and Exciting!

Doug Newton

  • Former cheerleader at Slippery Rock University and the University of Connecticut 
  • Former Boston Celtics cheerleader
  • Has worked for UCA for 11 years as a Head Instructor and a member of the Core and College Staff
  • Has coached, cheered, and choreographed at the High School, All-Star, and Collegiate Level
  • Has over 8 years of judging experience both nationally and internationally
  • Former Head Coach at Hunterdon Central Regional High School, 2nd place in Large Varsity Division I in 2013
  • UCA Northeast Veteran Instructor of the Year 2009 & 2010
  • UCA Northeast Head Instructor of the Year 2011
  • AACCA Certified
  • Style: Clean, Collegiate, and Flashy

Cameron Larsen

  • Current cheerleader at Brigham Young University
  • Former cheerleader at Roy High School and Weber State University
  • 4 Time Power Tumbling and Trampoline National Champion and ranked 10th in the world at the Power Tumbling and Trampoline World Championships in 2005
  • Former Head Coach for Roy High School
  • Choreographed for many High School and Collegiate teams across the country
  • Choreographed two UCA West Coast Champion teams and a USA National Champion team
  • Choreographed Game Day routines (cheer portions of routines) for BYU and Weber State University for Collegiate Championships
  • Currently living in Provo, Utah
  • Style: High School, Collegiate, Clean, and Well Rounded

Bruce Burdine

  • Former cheerleader at APSU and MTSU (Captain)
  • Over 20 years experience in the cheerleading industry
  • Former Coach of MTSU All-girl 
  • Coaches all levels from middle school, high school, and collegiate levels
  • Numerous National and State titles as a coach and choreographer
  • Over 10 years of judging experience for Varsity Brands and Head Judge for UCA High School and All Star Nationals
  • AACCA certified
  • Currently living in Provo, Utah
  • Style: High School, Collegiate, Clean, and Well Rounded

Charlie Asciutto

  • Former cheerleader for Wallace State College, Florida Atlantic University and Team USA
  • Current cheerleader for Top Gun Allstars
  • Gym Director at Cheerformance Xtreme Allstars
  • Former Coach for Florida Atlantic University 
  • Over 10 years experience coaching middle school, high school, college, and allstar
  • Current 8-year member of UCA Staff
  • Current 3-year UCA Head Instructor
  • AACCA Safety Certified
  • Currently living in Boca Raton, FL
  • Style: Seamless, Flashly, and Clean

Trisha Hart

    • Former cheerleader and graduate of The Ohio State University
    • Former Head Coach at Central Ohio Cheertastics
    • Former Head Coach for Ohio Dominican University
    • Over 15+ years experience in judging, instructing, staffing, lecturing, choreographing, and coaching
    • Cheerleaders of America (COA) Instructor for 7 years and former Staffing Coordinator
    • Experience working with Junior High, High School, Recreational, All Star, and International teams
    • AACCA, NCSSE, USASF, CPR and First Aid Certified
    • USASF Level 1-5 credentialed
    • Featured on the MTV Show: Made (Brush High School) as the Made Coach
    • Style: Both, Clean, Collegiate, and Flashy

Jeff Schaber

    • Former Bellarmine University Cheerleader
    • Former coach/instructor at American Twisters Gymnastics
    • Over 18+ years of experience in judging, instructing, choreography, and coachingy
    • Current choreographer for Bullitt East High School (2014: 2nd place in Small Coed and 2013: 1st place in Small Coed Div 2)
    • Experience working with Elementary, Junior High, High School, and Recreational
    • AACCA Certified
    • Currently living in Louisville, Kentucky
    • Style: Clean & Collegiate

Malisa Davis

    • Program Director for Spirit Elite Cheerleading
    • Graduate of Appalachian State University with a BA in Health Promotion and Nutrition
    • Former member of Prospirit and Cheer Extreme Allstars
    • Spirit Xpress Core Staff, Choreographer, and Head Instructor- 7 years
    • Choreographed for High School, All Star, Recreation, and College teams in 15 states
    • Over 10 years of all-star and school coaching experience
    • Nationally recognized judge
    • AACCA and USASF Levels 1-5 Certified
    • Currently living in St. Louis, MO
    • Style: Innovative, Flashy, and Polished

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