Now that V!ROC has helped set up your routine, it's time to get your music ready to go!

Please follow the instructions below as soon as you can so we can be sure to get you your music in the quickest amount of time possible! It is quite easy to do and does not require you to pay or put any information down.

  1. Visit the following website:
  2. You MUST create an account (do so in the top right corner) with your email address and password. Please make the password simple because you will be giving this to the V!ROC Music Mixer who will be purchasing the songs on your behalf.
  3. Click on the music link at the top of the page, this is where you and your team will be able to search through a catalog off over 50,000 songs including current Top 40 to choose your music. 
  4. Select 7-10 songs and place them in “my picks” in your account. DO NOT PAY FOR THEM! But please make sure you listen to all tracks before you decide on them! 
  5. Once this is done, you will need to email your choreographer with the following information:
    1. School name and its city and state.
    2. Your email and password created for your unleashthebeats account.
    3. The track you have selected for your dance.
  6. At choreography, you will work on an electronic 8 ct sheet together as the routine is being put together, the choreographer will then send this to the Music director and you will have your music within 2 weeks.

When you receive your music, you will receive a receipt with proof of proper licensing, and this music is allowed for any performance your team does. Please be sure to hang on to that receipt and take with you to all performances